UE5 Asset AI Behavior Toolkit

14 Янв 2021

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Трейлер / Trailer:

Технические детали / Technical Details:
Number of Blueprints: 69
List of Features:
  • Powerful and flexible Behavior State system
  • Includes 11 built-in Behavior states (Idle, Follow, Flee, Patrol, Seek, AttackMelee, AttackRanged, Defend, Hit, Investigate)
  • Create any type of NPCs ranging from Civilians, Animals, Companions, Enemies and even Badass Bosses, and more!
  • Easy to integrate with it's plug-and-play nature. Just add a component!
  • Includes 7 built-in Triggers (OnSight, LoseSight, Message, Delay, WithinDistance, BeyondDistance, Health)
  • Behavior Chaining lets you create cohesive and complex AI behaviors
  • Add animations and audio with ease!
  • Easily extend or create your own AI Behaviors and Triggers
  • Create believable and living worlds using Workspaces Actor
  • Parkour system for AI
  • Patrol waypoint system for AI
  • Path Corner actors for triggering AI tasks and events in the scene
  • AI Spawner to dynamically spawn AI characters
  • Blueprints and Behavior Tree based
  • Includes health and damage system
  • Example RPG, Shooter, Stealth, and Flying AI
  • AI Parkour system and Ladder system
  • Rootmotion animation blueprints
  • Multiplayer support
- Now supports Unreal Engine 5.
- Replaced old mannequin with new Manny from UE5 samples.
- Updated all animation blueprints based on new UE5 standard.
- NEW: Directional hit reactions.
- NEW: Turn in-place logic.
- NEW: AI changes targets when attacked by different actor.
- Improved Attack Melee logic.
- Improved Defend state's strafing logic.
- Optimized random location query.
- Added a "Command Forget All" to NPC_Base.
- Refactored damage and health system.
- Refactored projectile and grenade logic.
- Fixed an issue with workspace transitions in multiplayer.
- Fixed a bug where grenade throwing was being interrupted by reload.
- Fixed a bug where aim offset was incorrect in multiplayer.
- Fixed an issue where parkour anims were not being replicated to client.
- Other smaller fixes and adjustments specifically for UE5 compatibility.

Intended Platform: Desktop, Console, Mobile
Platforms Tested: Windows
Documentation Included:
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UE V5.0

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