UE4 Asset FPS Character System

7 Авг 2021

V4.24 - V4.27, V5.0 - V5.1
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Трейлер / Trailer:

Система персонажей FPS - это продукт для создания многопользовательской игры от первого лица.

Ключевая особенность:
  • Мощная система оружия / Powerful Weapon System
  • Различные способности движения персонажа / Various Character Movement Abilities
  • Система охвата / Cover System
  • Система камеры от первого лица / First Person Camera System
Основные функции, такие как система оружия и локомоция персонажа, также доступны в других наших
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  • TPS Character System
  • TPS - FPS Character System
  • Weapon System

Технические детали / Technical Details:

This project uses the Animation Starter Pack by Epic Games, sound and SFX from Shooter Game Template. All features supports first and third person parts and full network replication. Blueprints are full commented and clear.

Character Locomotion with Weapon
  • Weapon animation type with aim off for each main locomotion state
  • Reload animation
  • Weapon position in hands
  • Shooting animation system
  • Swap weapon. Supports primary and secondary slots
Weapon System
  • Base on hit-scan principal.
  • Support auto, semi, burst, bolt / pump action and single shot fire mode.
  • Recoil and spread systems
  • Damage system
  • Visual and sounds effects
  • Character influence
  • Scope with zoom feature
  • Camera shake system
  • Crosshair
Main Locomotion
  • Stand, crouch main states with blind / aim opportunity
  • Sprint
  • Reworked starter pack animation
Cover System
  • Low cover jump over
  • Low cover climb
  • Root motion animation
  • First person player camera system
  • Weapon position system relative player camera
  • Simple melee attack
  • Weapon and ammo pickups
  • Simple heath system
  • Respawn
  • Jump
  • Hud

Supported Platforms: PC, MAC
Documentation: Included in the pack (Content\FPSCharacterSystem\Guides\*PDF)
Number of Blueprints: 20 +
Input Mappings: Gamepad, Keyboard, Mouse
Network Replicated: Yes

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