HYPEPOLY - Battle Royale Show 2

10 Июн 2020
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HYPEPOLY — Battle Royale Show 2 поможет вам устроить в игре настоящее шоу!

Technical details/ Технические детали

-WND Prefab Variator

Component for out prefabs, which will help you to fast level prototyping, change color/style/size/type of prefab by only one click
-8 Textures
A different textures, which radically change the look of models and add a lot of variety
-2500 Prefabs
It means all the models that are in the set in four colors, the actual number of unique models is approximately 600+
-64 Prefabs with WND Prefab Variator
All models are sorted by prefabs, with a simple script that allows you to simply change the color / size / style of the prefab
-4 Demo Scenes

All meshes has a 1 material, so you can combine meshes to reduce your draw calls in project. Obstakles and all another objects included like Prefabs with WND Prefab Variator (Simple script which will help you to change fast a color/style/size/type of prefab) and like separated prefabs too.
-8 textures with color palette (2048x2048 .png)
~300-4000 tris per Mesh
~500 unique meshes
~2500 prefabs
Models has a UV map for palette textures which included.
LODs absent.
Standart materials with albedo texture.

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